Shaun The Sheep

September 28th 2010 | Posted by Mogiumtusin Cly

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There’s no disguising the fun with Shaun the Sheep and his barnyard buddies in this party-fest of wild wackiness. The farm is once again party central as Shaun, Bitzer, Timmy, and those Naughty Pigs cause all sorts of mayhem, from flying cue balls and pillow fights to nights of disguise and intrigue. Grab your invitation to laughter for some sheepherding fun that’s sure to rock the flock!

Episodes include:

1.) Party Animals
The farmer throws a fancy-dress house party for his birthday. When Bitzer loses all the invitations, however, Shaun saves the day again. Disguised in their own ingenious costumes, the sheep stand in as the guests and have a good old knees-up. But can they fool the farmer into believing he is surrounded by his friends?

2.) Operation Pidsley
While the farmer is away on a night out, the sheep sneak into the farmhouse for a party. But when Pidsley snaps a photograph of the fun and games, Shaun and Bitzer need to catch the malicious cat before he can show the incriminating evidence to the farmer

3.) Pig Swill Fly
The farm is looking spotless and everyone is on their best behaviour when the dreaded farm Inspector pays a visit. But while the inspector checks out the inside of the farmhouse, war breaks out in the field between the sheep and the pigs. Can Bitzer prevent the inspector from noticing as the chaos escalates outside?

4.) Shaun Goes Potty
The farm takes delivery of a brand new pool table. Before the Farmer can take it indoors, Bitzer and the flock have a game with disastrous cloth-ripping consequences. They must repair the damage before the farmer finds out!

5.) Double Trouble
A bored Shaun dresses up as the Farmer to entertain the flock. Realising he now has the power to boss Bitzer around, Shaun takes the opportunity to throw a bit of a party for the flock. All goes to plan until Bitzer puts two and two together. Then Shaun encounters the real farmer…

6.) Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow
The Farmer is preparing for a date! He wants to look his best so it’s time to dust off his prized hairpiece. Shaun can’t resist trying the wig on but loses it while showing off to the flock. The race is on as Shaun and Bitzer try to return the wig in time for the farmer’s big night.

7.) Pig Trouble:
When Bitzer injures his foot and can’t work, the Farmer chooses the pigs to take over his role. The power crazy pigs take the opportunity to turn the farm into a porky paradise – at the sheep’s expense. Bitzer tries in vain to warn his master what is going on behind his back, but it’s Shaun who steps in and restores the status quo.


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