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October 13th 2010 | Posted by Mogiumtusin Cly

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Broken homes of family life, do not make reckless Gladis. Zizi, Gladis friends always warned to avoid promiscuity, including incitement Kanya and Dinda.

But Gladis found his father dating with Zizi, Gladis shaking! That’s when Dinda and Kanya approached Gladis.She also dissolved in the freelifestyle. Until one day Gladis was pregnant!!

Yoga voluntarily take responsibility but gladis family refused to desire.Gladis fled the house with Yoga.Gladis even more devastated when his parents divorced. her mother left home and her father was arrested for corruption.

Gladis had no other option to cancel the pregnancy.How is the continuation of the story?

Genre: Drama
Runtime: 81 min
IMDB Link: http://imdb.com/title/tt1407049/


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